Welcome to LooGoo & FeeBe

Why I made this blog, a vague overview of this blog, and what I plan to accomplish with this blog.

Welcome, readers!

I am excited to finally start my lifestyle blog, LooGoo and FeeBe. Five years ago I thought I wanted to found a smoothie bar with this title, but realized that I didn’t want to limit my definition of a healthy and happy lifestyle to just raw juice. I wanted to express all my passionate opinions through writing. I didn’t feel qualified to follow through with my vision half a decade ago, and don’t feel any more qualified now. But putting it into perspective, if I had gained five loyal readers in those five years, I would have successfully stepped outside myself to influence people’s lives despite my insecurities and shortcomings. And if those people are anything like my friend, who has severe anxiety and was recently diagnosed with multiple conditions that have the potential to be life-threatening, I could be making a difference even if my writing is sloppy and my life experiences or lack there-of make me more narrow minded than I thought. I can’t let my fear hinder my service any longer.

Looking Good and Feeling Better is about enriching the spirit, mind, and body through life’s natural luxuries. It is about indulgence for clarity’s sake, and beautifying from the inside-out. It is using wordly material and experiences as means of meditation, and spirituality as a way of psychological grounding. From alternative healing to fashion and food, this eccentric digital detox will elicit your sense of confidence and peace. To the overwhelmed, overthinking young adults and the sick and stressed of all ages,  our mission is to have you Looking Good and Feeling Better by the end of each post. Happy reading!


Author: LooGoo & FeeBe

Blog creator Miranda has a passion for life and all it's natural joys that help her and others stay Looking Good and Feeling Better every day.

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